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According to the World Bank Report more than one billion people experience some form of disability. Furthermore disability will be an even greater concern because its prevalence is on the rise mainly in developing countries. Disability is not niche market any more-  the concept of diversity including disability has permeated the business world and organizations are placing greater focus on it than ever before.

Moreover, companies that offer inclusive technologies by increasing and improving functional capabilities of people with disabilities are considered forward-thinking and by offering smart innovations to extreme users improve usability for the average users.

Disability market is unique, complex and associated with higher transactions quantity and quality therefore requires research to be understood. Presented section aims at bringing closer disability market by providing reports, strategies, articles and other documents that present status, data, statistics, trends, and other aspects related to disability and also presents marketing techniques that enable implementation of inclusive infrastructure.

How Do People with Disabilities Access the Web?

Updated numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that about a quarter of all adults in the U.S. now have at least one type of disability1. This number is steadily growing. One key reason is that the baby-boom generation is aging, and they’re often developing disabilities as they get older. We also have more adults than ever coping with chronic diseases such as diabetes, which can often lead to vision loss, reduced mobility or other disabilities.

Also on the rise is the percentage of American adults using the web. This may be hard to imagine, but back in the year 2000, only half of all adults were using the Internet.
Today, according to the Pew Research Center, about 9 out of 10 adults go online. These aren’t just young people. Internet use in all age groups has risen over time. In fact, two-thirds of seniors are online!

So, take advantage of this opportunity and put your business in front of this $650 Billion Market.

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